When driving in unfamiliar territory these days the modern way to find your way is with a GPS unit. You simply punch in the coordinates and the machine tells you in terse electronic tones which way to turn at any given moment.... What fun is that?

In the olden days there were things called maps, and believe it or not they are still available in most countries!

Maps have a couple of advantages. You can study them the night before your trip and get a feel for the names of the places you'll be travelling through; You can see the relative distances between towns and places; they often use the local name rather than the anglicised name.

Now, don't think we wrote off modern technology completely. We have carried the computer with us which is also very good at finding directions. Applications like Google Maps can give you a print out of exact directions which includes road numbers and names and the distances between turns and intersections.

If you combine a paper map with an internet mapping system, it's difficult to go wrong. Plus, you can always get your travelling companion to give you directions while mimicking the voice of a GPS system.

Remember.... this traveling thing is meant to be fun, it's meant to be an adventure.

If you get lost you can always show a local your map and ask where you are regardless of languages. With a map they can easily show you where you are and where you need to be.... try showing them your GPS with it's electronic English accent!!!