So... you want to drive yourself? That's a good idea and a great way to get around and see things well off the tourist track, but there are a few things you need to consider, especially if you are going to do what we did and purchase our own vehicle.


If you purchase, particularly in the UK, you need and address. The Dept of Motor vehicles and Licences will not allow you to register a car or Motorhome without a residential address. Find a relative or friend who will help out. You don't need to use their name, just their mail box.

Insurance is another matter. To drive in the UK and Europe, the car MUST have a minimum of third party insurance, and according to the rules you must carry the Insurance certificate with you in the vehicle. If caught without insurance in France you can be sent to jail. 

Insurance is also VERY expensive for foreign drivers. Do your research before you leave because it may force you to change plans. We paid around $1200 for 6 months cover in the UK and Europe, and that was a cheap deal we found..... yes, a cheap deal!

Check each countries road rules and requirements via the Web. The AA and the RAC are good web site to start. France for example requires you to carry a "Spare Bulb Kit", a Warning Triangle, and a High Visibility Vest. If you are caught with these basic items the fines can be severe. 

Lastly, do remember which side of the road to drive on... it's rather important in Europe that you drive on the right side of the road. The worst bits are round abouts where everything just seems wrong from the moment you get there..... but in time you will get used to it and it's not that hard.