If you have decided to buy rather than rent there are a few things to know that just may save you some time and money.


There are lots of people selling cars via the internet that say they are dealers.... lots of them are dealers, but not the sort of dealers we know in Australia. Many of these dealers operate from what are private houses, or warehouse style allotments. Few seem to have workshops, and fewer still seem to offer things like a limited warranty on a second hand car.

When looking on the internet there are a few things that can help you decide if you want to deal with a particular advertiser, especially if you are looking via sites such as Ebay or Auto Trader.

The first thing when you look at the pictures of the car are to look at the background of the picture. Is it in a showroom? Are there other cars for sale? Can you see signage for the car dealer? Or is it in a park or in the street? Perhaps the photo is in the courtyard of a house. 

If the photo is not clearly in a car dealership, then I suggest you Google the dealers name and find hie or hers website. The good second hand dealers will have their own extensive website. The backyarders tend not too! 

When we bought through a reputable dealer we got the car with 3 months warranty, 6 months road tax [registration equiv.] and a 12 month MOT. [ The MOT is the annual inspection to make sure the car is road worthy]

We decided to steer clear of private sellers because we didn't understand the registration process well enough at the time. The dealer system added a level of security for us as well, because they could guarantee the vehicle we were buying was not stolen.

The last thing to say is that if you are planning to buy you need to do some maths. Is the cost of the car going to be significantly cheaper than renting? [make sure you include the cost of the insurance!] Is it the sort of car you can sell easily and quickly at the end of your stay? 

We have devised our own "Walk Away Policy". In the simplest terms at the end of our holiday, if no-one bought our car or caravan, we could park them on the side of the road with a "Free to Good Home" sign on the side and still be thousands of dollars better off than if we had rented for 6 months. 

With a little dedicated research before you leave you can save a lot of time and a lot of money so you can simply get down to the job of enjoying your travels.