Caravans are cheap in the UK compared to Australia. There's also a huge number of camp sites to visit, and they range from the most basic farmers paddock to full service luxury resorts.

Finding and buying a van is not as easy as it sounds. the difference in price between private sellers and dealers is large, and dealers are often located outside of the major centres. 


We bought privately after deciding exactly what van we wanted to purchase. Our decision was based primarily on the internal layout. We need two bunks for the children, so they could go to bed while we stayed up late.

Once you work out what layout you want, and this applies to Motorhomes as well, it becomes easy to work out what model vans from which manufacturers suit your needs.

In the UK there is also a system caller CRIS, which is a datadot system for recording the ownership of the van. Most caravans are listed on CRIS, so I would recommend only buying a van that is on this register.

You do not need to worry about registration for the van. What you will need is to get a number plate made for the van which is the same as your tow vehicle. Many spare parts shops, such as Halfords, can make the number plate for you, but they do need to see your ownership papers before they will proceed.

When looking for a van use the usual Web sites like Ebay and Autotrader, plus there are lots of other caravan related sites that carry ads.

It can seem confusing at times but like buying a car, early research and knowing what you do and don't want make the job of actually buying the van much easier.


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