I suppose the trip has started now in ernest. last wednesday the house was finally settled and all the t's crossed and i's dotted. That meant a 10 hour trip up the Hume highway for a week at the grandparents before we fly out to Vietnam.

Thankfully Jo, James and Emily had flown on ahead so it was just me and the cat, a car load of stuff and the trailer with my motorcycle.[ Whoever thought we could have so much stuff!!!]

So far so good in Sydney. A visit to the Aquarium before the school holiday rush and some time at the park at the end of the street seem to keep the kids happy. It also gives their grandparents a break from the onslaught.

Next Friday is the day we start the international part of this adventure. 2 days in Ho Chi Minh/Saigon followed by 5 days in Hoi An and then 3 days in Hanoi. I think the only plans that are firmly in place are for Jo to have a wardrobe of clothes made in Hoi An and for me to spend time in the hotel pool with the kids. This 10 days is going to be all about relaxation...  we hope!